The Indispensable alternative for rounding off your assessments

Many therapeutists have already chosen the So/Check platform. It offers the solution for detecting and monitoring physiological
markers in just a few minutes. The platform is a connected system with a secure personal access.


Nutritional assessments


Evaluation of the physiological functions

Analysis of the gut macrobiota

How to use so/check?

The So/Check platform units 3 devices using the best of technology and innovation in an intuitive and effective way.



Real time evaluation of a potential heavy metal excess, bioavailability of minerals, trace elements, vitamine and oxidative stress.


Assessment of acute and chronic stress through the vital balance by means of 5 indicateurs: the Cardiflex, the Cardistress, the ANS, the cardiac coherence and the RTI.



Analysis of the gut microbiota by bacterial DNA sequencing

A simple and fast evaluation in 3 steps

Fill out the necessary information


Perform the evaluation by using one of the technologies


The results appear on your screen

A pain-free method for immediate and personalized results