Light emitting devices with LED, low-intensity Nano Pulsed Cold Laser and a magnetic tunnel.

The MILTA devices is an acronym, abbreviated from Magneto-Infrared-Laser-Therapy-Apparatus.

The MILTA devices is manufactured in France and is registered as a CE Medical device. The range of these devices is based on the fundamental principles of quantum medicine and intended for physiotherapeutic treatments as well as for preventing a great number of pathologies through the synergistic effect of its emissions: the Nano Pulsed Cold Laser (NPCL), a type of soft laser (LLLT or Biophotomodulation), combined with the emissions from diodes (infrared and RGB) and with a magnetic tunnel.

The treatments applied with the MILTA devices have been observed, studied, tested, grouped together and called MILTA-therapy. This “polyfactorial” therapy is a highly effective method for holistic treatments combining the therapeutic properties of various physical and energetic agents in the concept of quantum medicine, without altering the normal and healthy tissues.

MILTA technology is a synergistic combination of NPCL, infrared & RGB diodes emitting through a magnetic tunnel.

This synergy allows the MILTA to act at an unequal depth, which is inaccessible to conventional LEDs, thanks to the informational propagation of photons up to 13cm in the soft tissues.

By a cascade of biological processes, the emitted  photons stimulate tissue restoration processes acting  at the heart of the cell. 

The greatest success of MILTA is the regulation of  inflammation and the reduction of pain, not to mention the healing effect it has on the skin, muscles and bone.

This advance method is very effective, painless, athermic, non-invasive and there are no known side effects.


General indications for MILTA-Therapy

✔ Painful conditions or lesions
✔ Inflammatory pathologies
✔ Lesions of bone and joint
✔ Traumas from all origins
✔ Tissue restructuring disorders
✔ Acute or chronic infections

✔ Functional organ disorders
✔ Local circulatory disorders
✔ Stimulation of energy
and energy zones
✔ Rebalancing neurotrans-
mitters (e.g. Serotonin,
Dopamine, Gaba)

The MILTA-therapy has its roots in one of the most advanced areas of biotechnology. The technology is based on using the close relations that exist in quantum physics between the living tissues and photons which are emitted with low intensity in the visible and near infrared. This innovative therapeutic method has now become available for practitioners, who now have the possibility to enrich their daily practice by using, under the best conditions, the lights’ analgesic, anti-inflammatory, restorative, healing, immuno-stimulating properties. Furthermore, it should be noted that the association or simultaneous use of “laser and medicine”, as well as “MILTA and physiotherapy” effectively strengthens the therapeutic results.

Characteristics of the Milta Emissions

The synergistic action of 5 biophysical factors provide for the effect of the MILTA device. These emissions are pulsed and the power, frequency and duration can be adjusted in the device’s various programs.

The NPCL (Nano-Pulsed Cold Laser) emissions in coherent infrared light, at 905 nanometers

Non-coherent emissions, pulsed by trichromatic RGB CSM diodes (400 to 650 nm)

Continuous non-coherent infrared emissions monochromatic diodes at 905 nanometers.

A constant circular magnetic field (200 millitesla) equivalent to the terrestrial magnetic field

The effect of the magnetic tunnel potentializes the light propagation

Milta device offers various accessories including a panel, emitters and a helmet, that can be fixed on articulated arms. The programs are designed to be selected on the screen with ease, making Milta device a user-friendly work tool.

Control Unit

12” Touch screen with 40 preset programs
Customizable programs (time, power, wavelength)

2 Emitters / Treatment for small area

• 3 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 3 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 3 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 1 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

Panel / Treatment for large area

• 18 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 168 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 54 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 18 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

Helmet / Hair Treatment

• 33 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 159 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 100 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 11 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

Endo-vaginal Probe

• 3 NPCL Laser emissions….. 850nm
• 3 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 3 Infrared diodes…. 850nm
• 1 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

Nano Pulsed Cold Laser (NPCL)
The evolution of the Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is extremely well documented in scientific literature. This soft laser or cold laser emits a pulsed monochromatic coherent light in order to obtain a bio-stimulating effect on the living tissue. When the pulse peak is reached, the photons can reach the deepest cells. A major strength of the NPCL is the exceptional penetration power of 10 to 13 centimetres. Therefore, this laser has the ability to treat surface and/or in-depth ailments. These lasers produce no heat (athermic lasers) as their power is a thousand times lower and is emitted over a much longer period of time (seconds or minutes). Lasers with low frequency, or cold lasers, are also called soft lasers because their average power is a few milliwatts (mW). The wavelengths belong to the visible (400 to 800 nm) and near visible infrared spectrum (904 to 940 nm). The benefit of the “nanopulsation” is that it has the ability to emit a significant production of energy (10-watt peak) in an extremely short amount of time (1 nanosecond).


Magnetic tunnel
The unique combination of several light emissions, which pass through a magnetic tunnel potentiates the biological effects of the waves and particles (a principle proved by the CERN in Geneva). The magnetic tunnel is of vital importance to the MILTA technology, for three major reasons:
✔  Every photonic emission, which moves through a circular magnetic field, instantly receives a “tunnel effect”, a kind of teleportation of energy and information through living matter.
✔  By creating a constant magnetic field, the MILTA device makes lymphatic drainage possible, which in turn facilitates the evacuation of metabolic waste related to cell regeneration.
✔  Many conventional lasers and soft lasers release left-turning fields, which are incompatible with the functions of living beings (artificial light). The hereby-used magnetic tunnel creates light with right-turning fields, which is identical to natural light sources (the sun). The photons emitted by the MILTA biotechnology correspond with the light field’s natural structure and is therefore perfectly compatible with the biological activity.


The field of phototherapy is experiencing a recent boom thanks to the development of the LED technology. This low voltage light source creates an emission belonging to the visible and infrared spectrum.

Protecting the skin covering: this cold light source presents no risk of irritation or burning.

Non-invasive: This method has no possible side effects. It has also been shown that it increases the effects of other treatments.

Biological innovations integrated in the device.
By using trichromatic RGB/CMS diodes the wavelength of the visible light emission can be precisely adjusted between 400 and 650nm. The therapeutic properties of all the colors of the rainbow can be used within the same device.

RED 625nm

Collagen production, Anti-inflammatory, Cell regeneration, Energizing, Anti-Aging, Hemoglobin synthesis.

YELLOW 580nm

Reduces superficial reddening, Sunburn, Motor and nervous stimulant, Digestive stimulator, Purifies liver/Gall bladder.

GREEN 528nm

Inflammation, Poor circulation, Skin sensitivity, Skin balancer, Sunburn, Itchiness.

BLUE 470nm

Relaxing, Anti-septic, Astringent, Insomnia, Anxiety, Acne, Inflammation, Irritation, Psoriasis.

INDIGO 445nm

Purifies tissue, Improves lymphatic system, Swelling, Anti-cellulite. 


Anti-cellulite, Slimming effect, Blood circulation, Cell oxygenation, Deep tissue stimulation.

PURPLE 400nm

Improves immunity, Reduces water retention, Fat cells/Fatty Liver, Appetite regulator, Heart arrhythmia, Potassium balance, Psoriasis/Dermatology.

ORANGE 600nm

Rejuvenation, Wrinkles, Toxification, Sagging skin, General pain, Muscle tone, Stimulates thyroid gland, Increases blood circulation.

Description of the primary colors emitted by the MILTA device

Red: Around 630 nm
Red light stimulates the production of collagen by the fibroblasts and furthermore reduce inflammation. It also speeds up the epithelial cell regeneration and thus has a highly healing and regenerating effect. It is therefore useful for treating, oedema, cellulite and stimulating the blood circulation in tired and sagging skin. Red light is used for treating red and white stretch marks. Red has an energizing effect and combats anaemia as it supports the haemoglobin synthesis.

Orange: Around 600 nm
Orange light is recommended the improvement of muscle toning, which in turn firm the tissues. It is useful for treating sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and aging skin. Orange stimulates the thyroid gland and has a positive effect on fat pockets. Orange light also has an antispasmodic action and is thus recommended for relieving muscle, arthritis, joint and lower back pain. This colour lighting is a cardiac tonic which stimulates the blood circulation and helps ease heart tension. Orange is a respiratory stimulant, which makes it particularly useful for treating chronic colds, asthma and allergies. The colour orange is also linked to calcium as it supports the binding procedure.

Yellow: Around 580 nm
Yellow light reduces superficial reddening on the face, hands and neckline. It is particularly effective for treating sunburns. More so, yellow light produces motor and nervous stimulant effects, that it has a positive functioning on the vevrous system and the brain. Yellow light can improve digestion and stimulate the purgative action of the body. It also purifies the liver, stimulates the flow of bile and triggers the digestive system. In recent studies yellow light has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen.

Green: Around 500 nm
Green light is recommended for treating inflammatory disorders, poor circulation, burns, sunburns and itching. It is useful for relieving skin redness such as erythrosis, couperosis, capillary fragility and sensitive skin.

Blue: Around 470 nm
The medical effects of blue light includes relaxing, antiseptic and astringent benefits. It is used for treating insomnia, anxiety, physical and psychological disorders. It is effective for treating couperosis, oily skin and acne (it inhibits the acne bacteria). It is a valuable addition to treatments for inflammation and irritations.

Indigo: Around 445 nm
Indigo purifies the tissues, improves the lymphatic system, reduces swellings and helps eliminate cellulite.

Magenta: Around 420 nm
Magenta induces a deep stimulation of the dermis, creates a slimming effect (as it speeds up the elimination of cellulite), and improves blood circulation and cell oxygenation.

Purple: Around 400 nm
Purple light improves the lymphatic system and the body’s defense mechanisms. It acts on the fat deposits, water retention and speeds up the elimination of cellulite. Purple helps regulate one’s appetite (nervous hunger) and heart rhythm. Purple radiations stimulate the immune system and help maintain the potassium balance in the body, which has a positive effect on cancer prevention. It helps eliminate toxins (blood purifying effect), detoxifies the liver, relieves indigestion and stimulates spleen function. In dermatology, it is used for stimulating the melanocytes and improving cutaneous conditions (psoriasis , eczema).

Reminder on
Nano Pulsed Cold Laser

NPCL is essentially defined on the stimulation of the mitochondria (mitochondrial chromophores) which belong to the respiratory chain. It is mainly a key enzyme:  Cytochrome C Oxydase (CCO). The NPCL stimulates the activity of this specific enzyme. 

The precise mechanism of this phenomenon appears to be linked to the following events.
In cellular destruction caused by inflammation or ischemia, the NO radical takes the place of oxygen and blocks the activity of the enzyme. The light energy is able to break the bond with the NO radical and cause its replacement by oxygen. This reactivation thus has the first effect of increasing the production of ATP by stimulating the last enzyme of the respiratory chain, ATP. Numerous factors are thus activated in the cytosol and in the nucleus, leading to an increase in cellular activity (such as, the acceleration of synthesis, stimulation of cell renewal and mobility, to name a few). 

A second pathway demonstrates the increase  production of  growth factors synthesising of collagen, Transforming Growth Factor (TGFβ1). On the other hand, the presence of a magnetic field will potentiate this synthesis by its action on the Fibroblasts Growth Factor (FGFβ2). For several decades, numerous molecular and cellular biological findings have been carried out to support these different mechanisms.

The light emission’s therapeutic effects on the living tissues depend on the wavelength, intensity and frequency of the selected emmisions. To enhance productivity and provide practitioner’s with a user-friendly device, MILTA has developed and installed pre-set programs which allow practitioner’s to choose the desired therapeutic action accordingly.  This innovative therapeutic method is now made available to practitioners.