MILTA HEAD | A Technological Innovation for improving your Hair Density

MILTA HEAD is a technological innovation that activates the hair follicle cell metabolism. This innovative device, that is equipped with a unique technology in which the synergistic effect of its emissions (visible spectrum, infrared, soft laser and magnetic field) and their excellent diffusion (up to 13 cm), enhances the shine of the hair to prolong the change of stem cells, in turn stimulating the stem cells to grow new hair.
Therapeutic photons stimulate blood supply to the hair follicle by increasing the number of red blood cells that produce oxygen and nutrients. The result is a restorative chain reaction that cleanses and stimulates the collagen fibers, lubricating the hair follicle, producing a healthier scalp, and as such resulting in brighter and denser hair. The MILTA HEAD device increases vascularization of hair bulbs and activates the stem cells of the dermal papilla, improves oxygenation of the capillary bulb and the metabolism of its cells, and decreases sebum secretion.


Therapeutic Effects of Milta Head

✔ Reduces the hair loss in male pattern baldness.
✔ Promotes new hair growth
✔ Regulates the production of hormones
✔ Improves tissue nutrient absorption
✔ Activates RNA and DNA synthesis
✔ Improves the quality and density of existing hair
✔ Reduces sebum secretion
✔ Suitable for all hair types

Guarantied Results
The results are noticeable from the first month. MILTA Head strengthens the scalp cells and reduces hair loss. In many cases, it reverses the hair follicle degeneration cycle and causes the production of thicker, stronger hair as well as increasing the volume of hair.

In combination with hair transplant surgery
The MILTA HEAD helmet plays a major role with the different techniques of hair transplants. It preserves the donor area, improves the quality of the grafts, accelerates healing, reduces redness and irritation and boosts regrowth.

Neuro Emotional Balance
MILTA HEAD offers an innovative treatment for psycho-emotional balance. The MILTA Head rebalances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, in turn allowing correct function of the autonomic nervous system. The importance of the MILTA HEAD is balancing all the neurotransmissions of the brain, in turn bringing all the emotions into a non-harmful state.


Fields of Application

✔ Insomnia
✔ Sleep
✔ Moral
✔ Post Chemotherapy
✔ Greasy Hair
✔ Wellness


✔ Strengthening
✔ Memory Loss / Concentration
✔ Degenerative nervous system
✔ Equilibrium balance / Relaxation 
✔ Schumann waves
✔ Stimulation Serotonin

✔ GABA Stimulation
✔ Acetylcholine Stimulation
✔ Dopamine Stimulation
✔ Bio-regenerating
✔ Bio-Stimulation
✔ Audio playback

Technical characteristics

MILTA HEAD offers a control unit and a helmet, that can be fixed on articulated arms. The emissions are pulsed and the power, frequency and duration can be adjusted in the device’s various programs. Programs are very easy to select on the screen, making MILTA HEAD a user-friendly work tool.

Control Unit

12” Touch screen with 40 preset programs
Customizable programs (time, power, wavelength)

Helmet / Hair Treatment

• 33 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 159 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 100 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 11 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT