Milta Plus – General Therapies by photonic emissions

The MILTA PLUS technology is a synergistic combination of Nano-Pulsed cold Laser (NPCM), infrared & RGB diodes emitting through a magnetic tunnel. It is effective for numerous oxidative or chronic pathologies of inflammatory, degenerative and/or infectious nature. MILTA PLUS phototherapy is effective, painless, non-invasive and without side effects. This synergy allows the MILTA to act at an unequal depth, which is inaccessible to conventional LEDs, thanks to the informational propagation of photons up to 13cm in the soft tissues. This in-depth penetration allows the photons to heal the organs.By a cascade of biological processes, the emitted photons stimulate tissue restoration processes acting at the heart of the cell.


Therapeutic Effects of Milta Plus

Organ detoxification (heart, lungs, liver, blood, lymphatic, spleen,
pancreas, intestines, stomach, kidneys, adrenals)

✔ Pain relief / reduces inflammation
Eradicates infection
✔ Nerve regeneration
✔ Rapid wound healing
✔ Improves calcification absorption
✔ Removes excess calcification
✔ Bone – Muscle Rehabilitation
✔ Improves Insomnia / Apnea
✔ Improves memory loss / Concentration
✔ Gastrointestinal problems / Crohn’s
✔ Antimicrobial / Antifungal
✔ Chronic Fatigue / Adrenal exhaustion
✔ Stress condition / Immunostimulant
✔ Increases blood circulation
✔ Combats Respiratory problems (asthma, cough, colds, pneumonia)

MILTA PLUS therapy can be used in all forms of medical or paramedical practices,
either conventional, general medicine and alternative medicine.

✔ Physiotherapy
✔ Osteopathy
✔ Neuropathy
✔ Reflex therapy
✔ Homeopathy
✔ Pediatric


✔ Otolaryngology
✔ Urology
✔ Follicular therapy
✔ Sports medicine
✔ Chiropractor
✔ Acupuncture

✔ Rheumatology
✔ Naturopathy
✔ Pulmonology
✔ Gastroenterology
✔ Traumatology
✔ Dermatology

Milta and Sport Medicine

Since 1998 Milta therapy has been associated with the performances of major champions in the most famous events such as:
✔ World Cup and European Football Championship
✔ Olympic Games 2000, 2004, 2008,
✔ European Championship,

✔ World Cycling Championship: Paris-Roubaix, Tour de France, Tour of Italy etc.,
✔ French basketball championships.
The effectiveness and especially the speed of healing of the pathologies associated with the exercise of sport, make Milta therapy an indispensable assistant to the physiotherapist and podiatrist.

The indispensable tool for your daily practice  —  Ergonomic design adapted for hands-free quality care


Fields of application

✔ Pain Relief
✔ Anti-inflammatory
✔ Anti-infectious
✔ Anti-Edematous
✔ Cicatrization
✔ Analgesic
✔ Universal
✔ Wound healing
✔ Hypertrophic wound healing


✔ Bone healing
✔ Ulceration
✔ Burns
✔ Energetic healing
✔ Lymphatic Detox
✔ Regeneration
✔ Liver Detox
✔ Intestines
✔ Orth-sympathetic

✔ Parasympathetic
✔ Chronic: Ant-inf, Pain relief
✔ Chronic: Anti-inf, Analg, Cicat
✔ Acute: Ant-inf, Pain relief
✔ Acute: Anti-inf, Cicat
✔ Acute: Anti-inf, Analg, Cicat
✔ Energy Centers (7 chakra)
✔ Cardio-Vascular
✔ Bio-stimulation

Technical characteristics

MILTA PLUS offers various accessories including a panel, emitters and a helmet, that can be fixed on articulated arms. The emissions are pulsed and the power, frequency and duration can be adjusted in the device’s various programs. Programs are very easy to select on the screen, making MILTA PLUS a user-friendly work tool.

Control Unit

12” Touch screen with 40 preset programs
Customizable programs (time, power, wavelength)

2 Emitters / Treatment for small area

• 3 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 3 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 3 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 1 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

Panel / Treatment for large area

• 18 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 168 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 54 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 18 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT