MILTA DERM | Highly advanced conception

MILTA DERM is an innovative technology that combines a Nano-Pulsed Cold laser, infrared and LED lightings. The photon emission is then augmented by magnetic tunnels that stimulate and rejuvenate the production of new collagen fibres and restructures existing fibres, resulting in profound regeneration with excellent results. Photons awaken and stimulate the activity of fibroblasts and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. MILTA DERM is beneficial from the first-rate depth of treatment. The diffusion of photons in the soft tissues can reach up to 13cm whereas the photons emitted by the classic LEDs act in superficially (on the surface).


Therapeutic Effects of Milta Derm

✔ Anti-Wrinkle / Antiaging / Cellular skin hydration
✔ Skin tonification / Tightening cellular activity
✔ Tissue regeneration / Stimulates Collagen
✔ Skin Cicatrization / Skin Rejuvenation
✔ Inflammations / Infections
✔ Edema / Redness / Pain
✔ Capillaries / Spider Vein
✔ Scars / Wounds / Hematoma / Keloids
✔ Dermatosis / Psoriasis / Vitiligo / Eczema
✔ Acne / Rosacea / Acne scarring
✔ Pigmentation / Skin Discoloration
✔ Cellulite / Aqueous cellulite / Adipose cellulite


Clinical studies have shown improved skin texture and reduced production of free radicals. Thin lines are smoothed, stretch marks are loosened, scars are covered and pores contracted. It improves the regeneration and healing process of the skin after surgery, keloids, treatment with removable or non-removable thermal laser, fractional radio-frequency and micro needling, peeling etc. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic for patient’s comfort. Micro-needling results help social integration.

The indispensable tool for your daily practice | Ergonomic design adapted for hands-free quality care


Visible Results / Effectiveness

Results appear from the very first sessions. The results are twice as fast in comparison to the average due to exclusive NPCL laser emission and frequency modulation. Photons act at the heart of the cells to stimulate tissue regeneration processes. 40 preset programs allow for a great variety of therapeutic actions which have been the subject of numerous scientific studies since 1990. Milta Derm allows tissue stimulation by means of non-invasive methods and is suitable for all skin types.


Technical characteristics

MILTA DERM offers various accessories including a panel and emitters that can be fixed on articulated arms. The emissions are pulsed and the power, frequency and duration can be adjusted in the device’s various programs. Programs are very easy to select on the screen, making MILTA DERM a user-friendly work tool.

Control Unit

12” Touch screen with 40 preset programs
Customizable programs (time, power, wavelength)

2 Emitters / Treatment for small area

• 3 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 3 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 3 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 1 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

Panel / Treatment for large area

• 18 NPCL Laser emissions….. 905nm
• 168 Trichromatic RGB diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 54 Infrared diodes…. 905nm
• 18 Magnetic tunnel…. 200mT